Leaders in Silicon Valley continue to push for immigration reform

Leaders in Silicon Valley are continuing to push Congress for immigration reform. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame is one of many calling for changes. The young entrepreneur, well known for spearheading one of this generation’s most popular social media sites, is advocating for some large scale changes, including increased availability of visas for highly skilled foreign workers.

Zuckerberg believes strongly in immigration reform and is one of the founding forces behind an organization dedicated to encouraging Congress to begin implementing changes. The group, FWD.us, is supported by many leaders in the tech industry. In addition to Zuckerberg, other prominent supporters include Bill Gates, Marissa Mayer the CEO, President and Director of Yahoo! and Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google.

According to the FWD.us website, the organization is pushing for reform that allows employers to hire the best and brightest while also supporting scientific research to help encourage breakthrough developments.

Zuckerberg recently provided his first public appearance speaking in support of reform. During his address, he was careful to note that increasing the availability of H1-B visas is only one part of the group’s goals. The group, he stated, is designed to help encourage changes that will lead to a stronger U.S. These changes include educational reform to help ensure all children within the U.S. receive a quality math, science and technology education.

Why H-1B visas?

H-1B visas are temporary visas that allow immigrants to enter the United States to legally work in a special occupation. Occupations that are covered within this visa require the employee either have a higher education degree or its equivalent. Positions can include those in the fields of technology, science and engineering.

Immigrants that fit these criteria are often in high demand in Silicon Valley. From computer programmers to entrepreneurs, these immigrants can play a key role in job growth not only in Silicon Valley, but throughout the country.

Although immigrants who possess a higher level of education and work experience may qualify for an H-1B visa, the application process for this and other visas is often complex. In addition to requiring the immigrant to complete various forms, the process can necessitate involvement of the potential employer.

If you are facing an immigration matter, like application for a work permit or H-1B visa, various legal issues can arise. Contact an experienced immigration law attorney to increase your chances of a successful application.